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busted. you remembers this story from white settlement, texas. 41-year-old darren dougs glass porter in custody in the back of the police car for believed to be involved in a burglary of a nearby store. we see porter come out of the back seat, he was able to roll the windows down. that was a malfunction. got his cuffs on, got his hands in front of him and stole the police cruiser. when i first told you this he was still at large. not any more. according to the white settlement police department, had they got a tip and they arrested 41-year-old darren douglas porter on wednesday at a business near ft. worth. the white settlement police department has gone throughnd checked all the windows in the back seats of all tir cruisersno not work. this won't happen again. >> i bet porter checked the second he was in the back of the patrol car again. >> he cooperated with authorities this time around and is in city jail being held on $225,000 bond as well as facing felony theft and escape in addition to the original charges of burglary of the nearby storep. . >>> santa. >> oh. >> these lady acti
was well-cared for but it was not like having a family until americans barbara porter and jerry green arrived. >> and this is when we brought them play-doh. >> reporter: in 2003, the couple brought them home to virginia. nadia is 14 and her brother 16 and this week, the family has been watching the news with great interest and sadness. the russian president signed a bill banning americans from adopting in russia. >> and this interfere error errors -- interferes with the future of many people. >> we had to wait until june to get them. i can't imagine people who have children in the pipeline and may never get them out. those are the stories that are gut wrenching. >> reporter: lauren koch works for the national council for a doing. >> there are approximately 46 families matched with a child and in process that feel like they're a member of their family already and i can't imagine having to be the person who said you can't bring the child home or worse, looking into the eyes of the child saying mommy and daddy aren't coming to get you after all. >> reporter: the new law prompted outcry f
that people want to feel safe. >> for porter, a gun locked safely in his home ended up in the hands of his foster child, who handed it to a gay member. >> -- gang member. >> if they did something with that gun, it falls back on me. i am 53 years old without a criminal record. >> the police said that as out even legal guns can pose a danger. >> i don't know that we can disarm every bad guy but we are taking away the possibility taking away the chance for a bad guy to get another gun. >> porter says he got lucky. >> i got it back. it is getting this right now. >> now he has more cash in his pocket. >> thank you. >> gun buybacks can be pricey. for now, private donations are available, but as the memory of many wonder if people continue to confront issues surrounding firearms in their communities. >> it is not everyday that you hear about a snow plow being stolen, but that is what happened in massachusetts. >> a snow plow was stolen driven away, later returned. massachusetts police are investigating. surveillance cameras show the snow plow being taken thursday night. the next day it was found
's largest gun buyback ever. >> william porter says he is done with guns. the elementary school shooting in nearby newtown, connecticut, struck a nerve. >> my wife cried. i was shopping, and we heard it while we were in the store. and she cried. you know, it's wrong. >> how are you doing? >> i'm good. >> porter is turning over his handgun to police in connecticut's most populous city part of bridgeport's largest gun buyback ever. and part of $100,000 donations, police are taking the guns no questions asked. >> every gun we take in is one less gun that has a potential to kill our children. >> more than 100 guns have been collected in each of the first two days and are expected to be melted down. but with millions more scattered across the u.s., can buybacks like this one make a dent? >> these guns could've created victims. and we know that if we can reduce the number of weapons that are available through breaking into people's houses and grabbing guns, we are a safer society. >> bridgeport's police chief says an attempt to organize a similar gun buyback failed last year due to a lack of f
. criminals. 3 william porter says he's done with guns. the elemmettay school shooting in nearby nerve. "mm wife cried. i was shopping and e hearr it while &pwe were in the store and she cried. you know its wrong." - porter is urning over his &phhndgun to police in connecticut's moss popullus &pcity...part of bridgeport's -3plrgest gun buyback evvr. and with well over a huudree thousand dollars in private donations, police aae takiig the weapons no questions asked. i know thht every guu -3we 3 takk in is one ess gun that &pchildren. ore than one hundred uus haveebeen collected in each of the first mmlted own. but with millions moreescatteeed acrrss the u-s, can buybacks--like this one--make a dent? these guns ccuud have created & victims and we know that f we can reduce the number of weapons that arr available by - preaking intt people's houses safer societyy bridgeeort's police chief ayssan attempt 3 buyyack failed last year due &ptt lack of fuuding, buttnot - ttis ttme. we've seee an outpouring from the community since sandy hooo in all
porter adding to that. 16 points, 13 boards for porter. later in the half, au on the break. hoyas off and running. quarter. the alley-oop. georgetown wraps up the none conference schedule with a win. >> i'm happy with why we are. you say okay after 11 games you're going to be 10-1. will you take that? i'll take that. none of us in that locker room are sitting with our heads in the sand saying we're playing perfect basketball. none of us -- we all realize that will tl are so many areas of the game, every aspect of the game that we can get better at. i don't think -- i don't think the start of conference play is going to be any issue with these guys being ready to play at all. >> the hoyas are off for two weeks. george mason travels to richmond to take on the spiders in the governor's holiday hoops classic. the patriots didn't go down there today to suffer another loss:check it out. paul hewitt and patriots at the richmond coliseum hoping to snap the spider's five-game win streak. richmond led most of the way. only up one. corey edwards misses a floater. under 30 seconds left, can't mak
led the eagles with 15. american cuts the lead to six. hoyas up big, 18 points. porter from behind the arc lets it go and he sinks it. the three-ball from the wing. 16 points and 13 boards for porter. au on the break. austin carroll the three, the miss. hoyas off and running. the alley-oop, georgetown wraps up their nonconference schedule with their seventh win in a row, 65-48. >>> george mason down to richmond taking on the spiders in the governor's holiday hoops classic. richmond led most of the way. under 2:00 to go we pick it up. only up one, it's cory edwards with the floater. missed it and the put-back. patriots take their first lead of the game here 63-62. under 30 left. derrick williams can't make the three but cedric lindsay throws up a shot as he's falling down. it falls in and ties it at 64. 5.8 off the inbounds. edwards has got it, he's going to try to make something happen. he sees wright spotting up. three-pointer at the buzzer. he nails it! 22 points for wright. none bigger than that one. what a thriller. 67-64 the final. >>> game two of the governor's holiday hoops
the dashcam of another police car is 41-year-old darin douglas porter in custody suspected of burglary of a nearby store. keep in mind, he's in the back seat. he's cuffed. but watch what happens next. you see them there with the cuffs still on. gets into the driver's seat of this police car and drives off. >> he could have just taken off running. right? that's so much better. >> now we're seeing the dashcam from the police car that he just stole pup see him here taking this thing on a joyride. >> so he drives off. the cops don't even see their car drive off. it wasn't like, oh, there goes our car. let's go. he didn't notice right away. it appears that is the case, nick. because darin douglas porter abandons this car later at an apartment complex, and it's still at large. >> he got away? >> yes. >> no way. >> why can they not find this guy? >> keep in mind. he's driving this with his hands cuffed. >> most of us can drive with one hand. so maybe he just keeps his wrists together -- >> can you go like in? pretty difficult. police say the chances of finding him are "very good" facing felon
for booze and dope after the play. >> you should go to porter grill while you are downtown there. >> stephanie: okay. >> stephanie: susan [ inaudible ] owns the place. >> stephanie: awesome. >> let's tell everybody where we're going to be. [ applause ] [ laughter ] >> stephanie: exactly. for all of you pervs out there. sorry mrs. schechner. washington >> stephanie: kids see what you see right here in the studio. this is the opening act of sexy liberal dc. did you hear we're getting a tour of the white house. >> i don't think you are supposed to say that. you ruined it for us. >> yeah you have to pass a background check. >> stephanie: i have some time to clean some things up. >> yeah. get harvie kitel to get the blood and brain matter out of the car. >> stephanie: yeah. rolland sexy liberal tour director says there are some great $45 seats in the lower balcony. the $45 seats have amazing views of the stage. there are probably only about 100 orchestra seats left. and then we have two huge surprise celebrity guests on panel. >> i don't know either of them. >> stepha
changer is it for netflix? porter, your take on this. is this justified, this move in the stock? >> reid hastings, netflix ceo, is pulling himself back from the brink with this move, maria. it's absolutely a show stopper. >> okay. so why is it so important for netflix? >> well, they've pretty much exhausted the growth potential in the u.s. their growth is coming from other countries. right now they're operating, believe it or not, in 51 countries outside the u.s. they have about 30 million paying subscribers. they don't have enough content. the content that they've just acquired the rights to through disney is a real show stopper. it puts them miles ahead of the competition. amazon, hbo go, hulu, which disney owns a part of. >> julia, what's your take on this? >> the interesting thing, maria -- >> maria -- >> wait a second, julia. i'm sorry. what were you saying, porter? >> the interesting thing about this transaction is no price or terms were mentioned. the deal could actually be pretty close to the market cap of netflix, which is $4.8 billion today. >> i see. julia, go ahead. >> maria,
violence for the scabs. they would not be beating up the porters. this new low. my father is probably turning over his grave. i will point out this, though, it's minority i believe. i believe a lot of this stuff is unions themselves being desperate and shipping people in. i know a lot of union people. the last person they are going to take their ire out is fox news correspondent. >> at that point union leadership has to be nervous about michigan is the birthplace of the uaw. michigan represents unions. the fact that that state turned.... >> their worry should be about the economy. the economy is lousy. president promised shovel-ready jobs, and guess what, you got solyndra. what is fascinating about this, union leadership still blames republicans and conservatives, fox news when their real problem clearly is the fact that president obama basically with his stimulus package and this economy has sold them out. >> the violent actions are either in the minority or not. you basically all said that they are. therefore, it is the exception. when someone loses a political fight they protest. t
is prompting people to say goodbye to their weapons. >> reporter: william porter says he is done with guns. the elementary school shooting in nearby newtown, connecticut struck a nerve. >> my wife cried. we were out shopping. and we heard it while we were in the store. and she cried. you know? it's wrong. >> okay. how are you doing? >> i'm good. >> reporter: porter is turning over his handgun to police in connecticut's most popular city. part of bridgeport's largest gun buyback ever. and with well over $100,000 in private donations, police are taking the weapons, no questions asked. >> i know that every gun we take in is one less gun that has a potential to kill our children. >> reporter: more than 100 guns have been collected in each of the first two days, and are expected to be melted down. but with millions more scattered across the u.s., can buybacks like this one make a dent? >> these guns could have created victims. and we know that if we can reduce the number of weapons that are available through breaking into people's houses and grabbing guns, we are a safer society. >> reporter: b
gun buy-back in its ift. r >> reporter: william porter said he's done with guns. the elementary school shooting in nearby newtown, connecticut, struck a nerve. >> my wife cried. we were out shopping, and we heard it in the store. she cried. you know, it's wrong. >> okay. how are you doing? >> i'm good. >> reporter: porter is turning over his handgun to police in kondz's most populous city, pat of bridgeport's largest gun buy-back ever. with well over $100,000 in private donations, police are taking the weapons no questions asked. >> i know that every gun we take in is one less gun that has the potential to kill our children. >> more than 100 guns have been collected in each of the first two days and are expected to be melted down. with millions more scattered across the u.s., can buy-backs like this one make a dent? >> these guns could have created victims, and we know that if we can reduce the number of weapons that are available through breaking into people's houses and grabbing guns, we are a safer society. >> bridgeport's police chief says an attempt to organize a similar gun buy-b
and directions from their trainers.. canines monny, ginny, and porter successfully drive modified car at n off-road track in auckland. 133-146""e had, a couple of days ago, the car was going too fast, the trainer early got run over, thh carr the braking, the dogs, you know, but, no we've got it all here &pnow so there are no excuses. we've got to get in there and phow that dogs can rive cars." cars."drive cars." cars." ponty the dog ill put his driving skills to the test live on naaional t-v december tenth. 3 that'ssall for fox44 news at 5:300"family feud" is neet.and we'll be back tonight or fox45 news at ten -- and the ate edition at joey fatone: this is joey fatone. it's time to play "family feud." give it up for steve harvey. [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: thank you very much. all right. just--ha ha! hey, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man steve harvey, and, boy, we got a good one for you today. returning for the second day all the way from waltham, massachusetts, it's the hallowell family...
. porter, let's start with a new york post headline. i love to read "the new york post." >> you can't live without the post. >> you can't live without the post. it says that instagram, which was bought by facebook for a billion earlier this year, has lost nearly 1/4 of its users because of privacy concerns. two questions here, number one, was that instagram deal a good one for facebook and, number two, do you think privacy is going to be a bigger issue for social media come 2013? >> well, i'll take the privacy issue first because that is already on the table with facebook and instagram. there were two class action suits last week launched in california against instagram for the breach of privacy, whether they announced that they were going to sell to advertisers the photographs that people posted on instagram. >> what were they thinking, porter? i mean, they've tried to back from that and say, well, it wasn't what it's being portrayed to be, but by any measure that's a bone headed move. >> oh, absolutely. and mark zuckerberg's own sister, randi zuckerberg complained mightily and went publi
douglas porter at an at tentique store burglary. he somehow got his handcuffs in front of him and got out then rolled down the window even though they were supposed to be locked the windows. from there you see he was off in the squad car later found abandoned. a lieutenant explaining the over site. the back he was able to hit the back window roll down reach around and unlock the door from the outside. we believe they came from the dealership with those disconnected but they were not. >> porter is no stranger to police and the chances of finding him are very good. >> talks to avoid a fiscal cliff appeared to have hit the skids. the skicliff is tax hikes cominn january 1st. it could send us back into recession. president obama and congressional republicans blocking a deal to avoid an economic catastrophe. marco rubio addressing the public says it does nothing to solve the long-term problem of a ballooning national debt. >> tax increases will not solve our debt only economic growth will help control the debt. house republicans have a democratic bill that already passed the senate. the republ
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rolls. how we get there, god only knows. >> porter: oters who expected congress to watch over the >> so i think the tax issue and the job issue needs to be looked >> reporter: voters who expected congress to watch over the economy after the election are watching the fiscal cliff with growing alarm. >> it's going to mean a lot of problems, the job situation will actually get worse because then companies can't borrow money and if you can't borrow money, then you're gonna have problems with hiring employees and stuff like that. >> reporter: the holidays are usually times that bring filies together and many would like to see that happen at the national level as well. >> so i think the tax issue and the job issue needs to be looked at together and it shouldn't be divided among rich or middle class, or lower class it shouldn't be any class, it should be america coming together and right now in our house that's a big cause of debate. >> reporter: but washington isn't a source of optimism these days. >> if they make a deal it certainly won't be a good one, they'll say this is something we've go
, a very distinguished proud firm based in washington, arnold & porter. and there he draws and his on his 35 years of experience in civil and criminal investigation to manage that work in the area of antitrust litigation, international cartel investigations, and merger and acquisition reviews. in an earlier chapter in his life, bill baer served over several periods at the f.t.c., rising from a trial attorney general during his first term there in 1975 to serve as assistant to the chairman, then assistant general counsel, and between 1995 and 1999 as director of the bureau of competition. but here's the point that i think really speaks to the fact that bill baer's nomination to head the antitrust division is nonpartisan and based on his extraordinary capabilities. his nomination has received a letter of support signed by 12 prior assistant attorney generals for the antitrust division of the department of justice who served between 1972 and 2011, and these, therefore, include people who've led the antitrust division from president nixon through presidents of both political parties to pres
this cold porter so a played the album at a low volume and closed the window. when my curiousity about rose overwhelmed my common sense i investigated her living quarters i found her diaries and learned the secrets of her heart. searching in the spice cabinet lucie kept full of whisky i found a key. i planned my invasion for that afternoon. thank you very much. [applause] >> i wrote a new book i'm working on. i'm from mexico city and i write about mexican stuff. i fear i would write a book to deal with that and get it out of the way. this is part of this project. my main character is alexander. [inaudible] don't take it personal. my aim, i guess is to at the end of my novel that [inaudible] good mexican novelists. alexander looked at the mirror and saw a mexican stairing back at him. the bad mexican had paid alexander a visit much the conversation from last night's party brought him back in full force. why did he always have to open his big mouth. why tell people that don't care that he hated and despised? he actually might like the [inaudible] hated me english and spanish he could not und
become a better team. >>> doesn't otto porter look like lionel richie? my gosh. all night long. richardson. he got the 270 pounds up in the air and spiders up by 12 but furious rally. wright at the buzzer, game high 22. patriots knock off richmond 67- 64 wow. what great action. >>> matter of hours we're going to find out whether rg3 and rust go together. griffin musted last week's game in cleveland. this week he's hailed as being healed by the coaches and the doctors who say he is ready to go in time for a visit to the link. nothing like a tough nfc division east game to chew on when you desperately need a win. the eagles have had their wings clips but they're dangerous and griffin is taking care of himself too. don't get hurt man. >> one two, throw it out of bounds. i think that's a faulty approach to the game. but you know i get where everyone is coming from and i'll continue to protect myself and this latest injury. could have happened to anybody. you know i was getting down and it is what it is. and i have to move on from there. >> that's the redskins' story. over to the ra
she was well-cared for but it was not like having a family until americans barbara porter and jerry green arrived. >> this is when we brought them play-doh. and we sort of introduced them to play do at the orphanage. >> reporter: in 2003, the couple broad nadia and her brother home to virginia. she is 14 and the brother 16. this week, the family has been watching the news with great interest and sadness. the russian president putin signed a bill that bans americans from adopting in russia. >> it interferes with the future of many, many people. >> we know what it's like to wait. when we went, we got to meet them in march and had to wait until june to get them. i can't imagine people who have children in the pipeline and may never get them out. those are the stories that just are gut-wrenching. >> reporter: lauren koch works for the national council for adoption. >> there are approximately 46 families who were matched with a child in process and feel like they're a member of their family already. i can't imagine being the person that says you're not going to bring that child home or w
, but it was not like having a family until americans barbara porter and jerry green arrived. >> this is when we brought them play-doh. we sort of introduced them to play-doh at the orphanage. >> reporter: in 2003 the couple brought nadia and her brother victor home to virginia. nadia is now 14, her brother 16. this week the family has been watching the news with great interest and sadness. russian president vladimir putin just signed a bill that bans americans from adopting in russia. >> it interferes with the future of many, many people. >> we know what it's like to wait. when we went, we got to meet them in march. we had to wait till june to get them. i can't even imagine people that have children in the pipeline and they never get them out. those are the stories that just are gut wrenching. >> reporter: lauren koch works for the national council for adoption. >> there are approximately 46 families who have been matched with a child that are current any process that feel like these children are a family member already. i can't imagine having to be that person that says you're not going to bring tha
handcuffed suspect darren porter and placed him into the squad car. outside of ft workth.th...the police then stepped away to further investigate the robbery. >> the suspect was able to roll down the back window and then get into the front seat. >>pam: that's when porter hopped in the front seat and took off. and it was all caught on tape by police dashcams. "the suspect somehow was able to roll down the back window and was able to get officers had no idea their cruiser had been stolen until they received 9-1-1 calls. the suspect eventually lost the cruiser was later found with a blown tire and was abandoned at an apartment he is still on the run. we will be back. [ male announcer ] steak combos. featured now at sizzler. tri tip sirloin with fried shrimp, malibu chicken, or grilled shrimp. starting at just $9.99. sizzler. banand banfin banand anand ban e intensity grows between rival social media giants. as twitter launches a new feature that some say could facebook's instagram. and optimism that an east the end of the year. >> tragedy, this gunman after a mall shootings. this was near p
is dr. porter crow. he was a g. eufpi. and later bea writing english professor down sou south. he had been bay i don't know netted and he told stories that were marvelous and it was from porter that i learned slip captains would allow the troops embark to play records on the p.a. system but one record most captains wouldn't allow is bing crosby singing "i will be home for christmas." host: the famous white christmas? guest: yes. host: i see you talked to andy rooney. guest: oh, yes. and these cameos. i called up mr. rooney's office about three years ago i think if the date is there. he got on and i said in a nutshell churchill hero, villain, clown. he said greatest man in the 20th century, hero. then he told a story of stumbling almost if he made a left turn that day he might have been crushed at the bottom of the underground escalator where the german bombs fell and he went on about taking missions, you know, in d-17's and -- b-17's and b-24's. i asked him with your colleagues dying around you every night british go out and every day the americans go out and some don't come home, you
of our most compelling discussions was with harvard business school professor, michael porter, whose new project aims to help american companies compete on the global stage. >> michael porter still teaches, he's, like, iconic. but i'm, like, a little person. he's a big deal. so now i'm at the table with him. >> professor. >> this is, like, wow! >> you wept to harvard business school? i would have never guessed. >> i know. >> keep it low. keep it low. >> not that there's anything wrong. not that there's anything wrong. >> yeah. very good to have you. >> on u.s. competitiveness, where do you come down on this? >> well, gosh, i hate to be -- >> you're going to be debbie downer, aren't you? >> -- off cycle, but this issue is actually way down the list in terms of the problems facing the american economy. harvard business school took on, about a year ago, a major initiative to really take a deep look at the u.s. economy, how we were doing, how we could explain the problems we're facing with job generation and so forth. and frankly, we came to the very unhappy conclusion that the succes facing
porter with 16. hoyas by 15 at the break. second half, back up to porter, throw it down! hoyas beating au 65-48. next up, big east play begins january 5th against marquette. >>> governor's holiday hoops classic, paul hewitt and richmond. trailing by 12, 7 1/2 to go, but 90 seconds to go, edwards missed, aldridge follows to give mason their first lead of the game, 63-62. 5 seconds to go, tied at 64-64. wright for three! oh, you bet ya! at the buzzer, game-high 22 for wright. mason comes all the way back to defeat richmond 67-64. >> very nice. >>> all eyes on calvin johnson last night, needed 182 yards to break a single receiving record, fourth quarter, there it is. c.j. with 225 yards, 11 catches, now has 1892 yards, only 108 to go to get to 2000. of course nobody had ever done what he did last night, nobody ever gotten to 2000. falcons win 31-18. i know you love adrian peterson for mvp. you got to talk about calvin johnson. >> i agree. he should be in the conversation. >> he should be. >> only won four games. >> kevin from kevin & rock, coming up later this hour. rock, under the weather.
're doing in new zealand. teaching dogs how to drive. the dog is porter. so shelter dogs can be helpful. this is a candidate for driving. he is a good boy! >> dana: last week, we did "sportscenter" when brian kilmeade was here but this is "animal planet." this is in the environment that he started to help them pull down a damaged tree. a video going viral that greg sent to me. good one more thing. >> kimberly: the show is going to the dogs. >> greg: in the interest of fair and balanced can we have animals doing good things and animals doing bad things? animals do bad things, too. >> dana: doing good things on red eye all the time. >> kimberly: he shows cats. >> greg: banned phrase today. rethink. after a major story the press announces that it's time to rethink "x" or "y." blah blah, blah. the translation is please change your view to agree with me, left wing media. >> dana: or if they got it wrong, major rethink. major
box data k porter on that bus, just like they have on planes. well, today a federal agency proposed putting data recorders in all vehicles, including cars s,ilt after 2014. in a crash, they would record speed and whether the brakes rash, sed. they would cost about $20 each. the president of egypt can't seem to put the brakes on the crisests in the biggest crisis in egypt since the revolution tw two years ago. med ll started last month when mohamed morsi granted himself accaordinary powers. protesters accuse him of acting like a dictator and now he's trying to force through a new constitution. holly williams is in cairo. >> reporter: protesters marched on the presidential palace again epday in their tens of ial sands. "down with morsi" they chanted, "and down with the muslim brotherhood," the islamist group from which the president draws his support. in two weeks of political turmoil, what president morsi has succeeded in doing is hardening and uniting the opposition. his opponents are now rallying around their leaders, some of t pr want president morsi to khep down. khaled ali is a
porter will attempt to drive a mini cooper alone on an empty track live on new zealand television. just months ago the idea of a dog driving was considered a joke, a gag subaru used to advertise cars. and remember those old "snl" bits? let's hope the new zealand dogs. >> look out! >> reporter: do better than the driving cat did. the motorist must were celebrated by gawker with the headline "dog drives man." buzzfeed noted finally, dogs who chase cars will have something to do once they catch them, and though david letterman didn't even need to make a joke to get a laugh. >> honest to god. >> yeah. >> isn't that -- >> reporter: he nevertheless did the top ten signs your dog is a bad driver. >> crosses four lanes of traffic to go after a squirrel. oh, no. >> reporter: online posters imagine the future, i see dogs in cars cutting me off and then flipping meet paw. look, i know you have a dog
're seeing a really healthy atstomer clientele. tele.porter: nicholas bloom, a stanford economist and father stanfoonsumers have been surprisingly upbeat. >> i went shopping on the eeekend, things were so busy i couldn't even find a parking space. so consumer expenditure has been fantastic this year. >> reporter: but he worries about the impact of if fiscal cliff tax increases that will pame with the end of the year. >> come january we're going to hit economic hangover when taxes are going to go up and everyone and ebe miserable. >> reporter: analysts say sales ana been strong this holiday season partly because many retailers started cutting prices ngrly. that meant bargains for christmas shoppers but, jeff, may mean lower profits for the jefes. >> glor: john blackstone, thank rou. john mentioned the fiscal cliff. tinight we've learned democrats emocraw moving ahead on their hei plan to avoid it now that talks have broken down with john boehner. white house and congressional leaders have until january 1 to lork out a budget deal. resident obama is in hawaii on udget dn. nancy cordes is there
styles. >> funding for fons & porter's love of quilting is provided by: >> for over forty years, baby lock has been dedicated to the love of sewing by creating machines for quilting, sewing embroidery, and serging. baby lock... for the love of sewing; koala studios delivers sewing furniture custom built in america; >> american professional quilting systems... apqs offers a full line of hand-guided quilting machines made in america's heartland for america's artisans; >> reliable corporation... makers of reliable irons. no spitting, no leaking... no kidding; sulky, makers of decorative threads, stabilizers, and books. sulky... express yourself; fabri-quilt.. the fabric of inspiration; omnigrid... providing quilters with specialty rulers and accessories for over twenty-five years; quilters club of america offering patterns and videos to the passionate quilter. welcome to love of quilting. you're watching the 2100 series, and we have an adorable contemporary quilt with us on the set today. let's take a look. this little number is called circles for paige. it
to get behind the wheel and yes, monty, jenny and porter, they get a little help from their handlers, i would hope so. on monday monty's driving it builts will be tested -- abilities will be tested live on new zealand television. >> but why? >> that's awesome though. >> i don't think that's right. >> leave them alone. >> would you let velvet? >> no he's not supposed to drive. he's a dog. be happy. >> no way. >> i'll get her behind the wheel. she's so tiny though. >> oscar would look at me ask say dude you're the driver -- and say dude. you're the driver, let's go. [ captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: comments@captioncolorado.com ]
. georgetown's defense all over the eagles here. porter, georgetown pulling away for their ninth straight. kristen berset with more. >> reporter: georgetown and american are two teams that are headed in opposite directions. the eagles have now lost three in a row while the hoyas are riding a seven game win streak. now, today's game ended as most expected, with georgetown dominating the d.c. neighbor. but both teams see there's a lot of work to be done, especially with conference play looming around the corner. >> we've been struggling. before this game, we've been struggling. so we've been really emphasizing improvement and not so much focus on the win/loss record but instead focusing on doing the things that can allow us to become a better team. >> none of us in that locker room are sitting there with our heads in the sand saying we're playing perfect basketball. we all realize there's so many areas of the game that we seem to get better at. >> we're 10-1. we just want to come back after the christmas break and keep it up, you know. continue to play good basketball. >> the hoyas can take
species to have ever driven a car. that's porter, a bearded collie. driving around a racetrack on live tv monday. a doggy driving test. >> good boy. >> reporter: is he driving a stick? >> good boy. >> reporter: this is a mind melt. i thought dogs talking on youtube was weird enough. >> want potatoes? >> reporter: then, the spca went to take dogs through intensive driving training. >> accelerator. feet on the steering wheel. the brake here. >> reporter: and there's the giant schnauzer showing off his new trick in a modified mini. finally, the paws to the pedal test. his test, porter, made it around that bend. he did it. then, he ate some dirt. some of us are lousy parkers. and we have opposable thumbs. i don't like this. now, dogs are driving cars. last weekend, that monkey was found wearing a jacket in ikea. the mayans said the world is supposed to end next week. i don't know. i'm feeling pretty uneasy about all this. >> good. good boy. >> reporter: for "good morning america," nick watt, abc news, los angeles. >> i love the monkey in a coat. >> hats off to nick watt to get the monkey in t
love that one. >> and i love valerie. >> right? they've actually gotten very good. do we have porter? is this porter, all by himself. >> he has the nice, casual, one paw on the steering wheel. >> very relaxed. >> there you go. that was a dog driving a car. never thought i would say that. >> at least he's not texting. >> true. >>> "deals and steals." we've been reporting all morning >>> "deals and steals." we've been reporting all morning long. more? i love math! but two ipads means two data plans? that's crazy. maybe not. with at&t mobile share, adding an ipad is just $10 a month. but honestly, mom and dad's love is all i really need. we should keep these for us. we should keep these. what?! [ male announcer ] at&t mobile share. add an ipad for just $10 a month. one plan. up to 10 devices. at&t. rethink possible. and eddy said the toys might not be ready! eddy? the elf! ♪ [ radio announcer ] today's forecast: it's snowing snowballs and snow bricks out there... seven more days and it's snowing snow bricks! oh, well, be careful! [ radio announcer ] only two days to go, and several of
cracking noises at 5:00 a.m. in front of rob porter's home. >> and then there was a large -- probably five minutes after the crack lig, a huge thud. >> in all the department of public works cleaned up the trees. it is real busy. >> this latest storm spared no neighborhood. it was snapped near moraga street. there was sig president cay -- significant street flooding. two large branches landed on one of the thoroughfares. and in city heights, a tree uprooted taking part of the street with it. a prius on the street was also damaged. >> you can replace a car, and some of the streets have been here 80 years. >> despite the loss of some trees, the city says thankfully there was little property damage and no injuries. although at this home, the family dog did come close to getting hurt. a large tree belonging to the house two doors down came crashing down on their backyard. >> i was thankful it didn't land on my dog. that would be tragic. i am glad he ran. he has big, long legs so he could run. >> the department of public works says most of the storm storm-related mess has been cleaned up. the re
were quite rare in mesoamerica. the typically, these porters were carrying approximately 50 pounds. now, you can, of course, carry more or you can carry less. but the more you carry, the shorter the distance you can usually go. so 50 pounds was about average for long-distance, day-after-day carriage. keach: so for copan's metateros, the market potential was limited by technology. because they had to carry the stones to market on their backs, the market had to be close by. filomeno's problem is similar. although he can use a bus to get his metates to market, the cost of transportation must be added to the sale price. if filomeno transports his metates much beyond the neighboring market town, he must add the cost of a round-trip bus fare to the price. and this would make his metates too expensive. ten miles from filomeno's house is the town of tlacolula. market is held here once a week. almost everything is sold by the actual producers or their families. weekly markets are one of the most ancient of economic institutions. today, sales involve cash. but until quite recently, most societies
and the police were talking to the owner of the store porter allegedly burglarized and he did abandon the car a few blocks away. cops are confident they will catch him and get their car back. that's pretty ingenuous. a wildly popular singer is having to apologize for anti-american lyrics. it's the most watched dance video, i'm told, ever on youtube the south korean star is now saying he's sorry for past comments criticizing the for president re a scheduled obama. kelly knows the dance, how do you pronounce his name psy? >> psy. >> jamie: dominic di-natale, do you have the moves? kelly did. >> reporter: i believe he did during the commercial. i'm not doing it on air in front of the-- he was scheduled to sing before the president on december 23rd, probably not likely now. the south korean actually educated here in the states is quickly spun out a grovelling apology when the internet exploded with outraged fans and a rap in the 2004 concert about killing yankees and you can see the lyrics here. the quote here. and he was against the torturing the iraqi captives and the lyrics were littered with
some money finally. >> porter: crab fishermen stopped fishing last week when wholesalers said they were dropping the price from $3 to $2.50 a price. but today they agreed on $3 and crab fishing is back on. >> it's all about the price. we can't fish for less than $3 a pound on this crab. and they got enough orders to put us back to work so we're going to go back to work. >> reporter: some wholesalers say after thanksgiving demand for crab dropped forcing the price down. now with the holidays coming demand is back up. >> they cleared out all of their inventory. so now they're ready to buy more. >> reporter: after fisherman's wharf many rest rapts kept a secret. the crab they were selling was frozen not fresh. >> fresh dungenous crab has a salty taste to it. it's delicious. we'll be back. >> get their bread ripped up and their chardonney cold it's time for the holiday season. >> reporter: there should be plenty of fresh crab for the holidays. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> in three months, low income workers in san jose will be getting a raise. the minimum wage is goi
house mounted pre-emptive defense and lined up is porters to remind americans of the infantry service in vietnam. >> senator hagel has been servant to the country. recipient of two purple hearts. he fought for this country. has served the country admirably in number of capacities. >> he has been over the course of a long career in public service supporter of the state of israel and security requirements. he has spoken out forcefully about this and written about it in the book. >> white house cautioned that no decisions have been made about the top .post. bret? >> bret: thank you. vladimir putin says he knows when the world ends. and there are a lot of predictions about how that might happen. tomorrow. some students, though, are welcoming the fear. grapevine is next. >> bret: now fresh pickings from the political grapevine. some school nid michigan got an early start to winter break and it wasn't for snow days. the reason? the end of the world. seriously. concerns connected to the mayan prediction of the world ending on friday were part of the reason school was canceled in 25 school di
. deficit only six points. let's go later in the first half. hopkins inside to porter. second half, off the au miss, troutwig off the break. he gets the return pass. georgetown defeats au 65-48. next up, marquette, january 5 in their big east opener. >>> governor's classic, mason facing richmond. first half. mason misses but this one gives mason the first lead. we are tied to go. five seconds to g mason can win it. wright lets it go, he sinks the 3 at the buzzer. that is the game winner. wright had a game high 22 point. mason defeats richmond 67-64. >>> an eagles-redskins rematch tomorrow in philly. remember when the redskins won 57-6. griffin iii completed this long pass to santana moss. the eagles have been 1-5 since then, but they had a da what tick win last week. >> i don't think that everybody is taking a big picture right now. we can do that after the season when we are happy. right now, everyone is focused on one game at time. that's the attitude that you have. no one his the locker room excited. we go on a win streak and control our own destiny. everybody is focus on what we ha
special year for them. but they faced off against american university. arnold porter shows his range. he had a double-double 16 points and 16 rebounds. stephen lumpkin works the pick and roll. he gets the lane to go and draws the foul. eagles down by 6. eagles taking advantage of a scarce transition. the lay-in. eagles hanging around but georgetown did have a 15-point lead at the break. second half, all hoyas. jabril troutwig would lead the break. georgetown up 26 at one point. coasting to a win. the head coach says he likes how is team performed in the second half. >> we set the shots a little more, rebounded, did a better job rebounding the board. we are shooting the ball and getting them back. conference play starts. they're going to be prepared. they will' be ready to play, physically, emotionally. we'll be ready. >>> conference play is in two weeks >>> george mason facing richmond and the patriots up by 12 with 7 1/2 to play. mason in yell joe, cory edwards follows, artledge follows and he gives mason the first lead. richmond down 2, but they score in traffic with 20 seconds to go.
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